Eric Hurst is the owner and creator of Satans Snugglers Meowtorcycle Club and Live Fast Purr Hard Catnip.

   After 2 decades as a touring punk rocknroll guitarist and stand-up comedian, Eric started working as a cat sitter and volunteering at Whisker City Cat Rescue in Shoreline WA.


   After watching television shows about outlaw motorcycle clubs and drug dealers, Eric had an idea to parody the newly legal cannabis industry in the form of an outlaw Meowtorcycle Club. This is where Satans Snugglers was born. Satans Snugglers is a cartoon outlaw Meowtorcycle Club that slings weed and wants two things: To help your cat party, and to help your cat party. And that party is a bag of catnip.

   Not all cats react to catnip, which is why Frankie's Stash is double dusted with ground Silvervine powder. Silvervine is another plant that cats react to, and cats that don't react to regular catnip will usually respond to Silvervine!


   All of our plants are grown using Non-GMO seeds and trimmings, using organic growing guidelines; while the USDA hasn't certified our crops 'Certified Organic,' we are proud to say that our grower-partner practices organic farming.


Our proprietary cuts and blends are designed to help as many cats as possible get high as fuck on a plant that has zero negative effects (although eating too much could cause diarrhea and vomiting, but not to worry as the same thing happens to humans at a buffet).


"Catnip is considered to be nonaddictive and completely harmless to cats." -


   The effects of catnip lasts approximately 10 minutes. Often times, cats will become hyper when they smell catnip, but will relax and nap after eating it. Serving size is about a teaspoon, and we recommend 1-2 servings a week for emotional support and well being.

     "Working with cats gives me an immense sense of purpose in my life, and being able to be a part of their play and care team is truly a special opportunity.

   My name is Eric, and I want to be your cat's weed dealer."


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