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Cat Companionship services

North Seattle and surrounding areas


Now accepting a limited number of clients for Spring (April-June) and Summer (July-Sept)! Spots are filling fast!


Thanks for stopping by!

My name's Eric, I'm your neighbor in North Seattle!


I've been a Kitty Accomplice since I was 7 years old in 1978 - over 4 decades of scooping poop and playing with pouncers!


As a lifelong artist and musician, I've never found a vocation that gave me a sense of purpose. That all changed when I found myself as the go-to cat sitter for friends and colleagues in the local music community.


In 2019 I began working as an independent contractor for one of the many pet sitting companies one can find online. In just a few months I completed over 500 successful visits. It was the best job I'd ever had.


The only downside was the disconnect I felt by never meeting or talking to the client. I was always sent into a house or apartment having never met the humans of the cat that I was caring for. I didn't like being a stranger in someone's home, and I didn't like the idea of a stranger in my home if I needed a cat sitter.


To this end, I decided to start my own one-man cat-sitting company. No employees, no subcontractors, no strangers in your house. Just me, your neighbor Eric.


My clients are my people - respect, trust, and confidence are paramount to our relationship.


  • Insured/Bonded

  • Pet CPR/ 1st Aid Certified

  • Competitive Rates

  • 4 Decades Experience w/ cats

  • Reliability and Integrity

  • No outsourcing/contractors/strangers in your home

  • mail collection, cans to curb, lights/ blinds service available at no extra charge

Drop me a line, and let's meet to see if we're a good match for each other as part of your kitty's care team!

In case you're wondering, not only do I have no criminal record and have passed a background check, but I once passed a Secret Service background check to be at a party with all the Clintons. A fun story to share at our first meet-up, purrhaps? Ever want to know who Chelsea's favorite band is? I asked!

One month anniversary with Frankie. Tota
Not every selfie with Frankie comes out
Double trouble. Double fun..jpg

In my spare time, I volunteer at Whisker City Cat Rescue and Sanctuary in Shoreline, WA!

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