Frankie runs Satans Snugglers Meowtorcycle Club, the coolest cartoon make-believe Meowtorcycle Club on the internet! Membership is open to the public! 



Satans Snugglers 'Live Fast Purr Hard' is our Certified Organic catnip, and Frankie's Stash is a non-GMO custom blend of flowers, leaves, and bells cut with a special Silver Vine powder that leaves your kitties feeling pawsitive, happy, and satisfied every time, most of the time.



  • Litter must be cleaned at LEAST once a day

  • Stray litter is the feline equivalent of toilet water. WIPE IT UP IMMEDIATELY

  • NEVER serve food within 10 feet of the litter. 

  • Litter Boxes (indoor-only multi-cat homes): 1 per cat, plus one,
    so 2 indoors-only cats should have 3 litter boxes


  • If you have hardwood floors/laminates, you MUST provide adequate area rugs for your cat to dig their claws in and run. Cats gotta Cat, and those floors suck to cat on.

  • Height. Cats gotta climb. A minimum of 2 perches at near-ceiling height with ramps/levels to pounce to and from. (yes, counter-to-refridgerator counts)

    Failure to adhere to these rules may result in permanent banning from Satans Snugglers, being hissed at, clawed, and bit.  

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