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Kitty Wants To Ride

Hey Frankie,

Your meowtorcycle club is so cool! I bet you have some crazy stories! Can't wait to hear them! How did you know when the biker life was right for you? I'm thinking about getting my first bike, any advice?


Bike-Curious Calico

Dear Bike-Curious,

Yeah, I got stories. I'll be sharing them here soon. Advice on Mondays and stories on Wednesdays, with new columns every week. It wasn't until my 6th life did I realize that bikes were for me. I was reincarnated into a kitten that was scooped up by a human biker and I hung on to the inside of his filthy jacket for what must have been thousands of miles. Rode with him and fell in love with the life. The only advice I could give you is that if you want to ride, be ready to die. I'm on my 9th life. Humans ruin everything.

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