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"Every cat is different, and every owner/companion knows what's best for their cat. I follow your directions regarding your cat's care. All the time, everytime. That's my promise, that's my word." - Eric Hurst
Pricing is for one visit mid-morning, or two visits (between 7-10am, and 4-7pm)
Photos of your kitty sent with each visit
Basic Service

For Independent Cats

-Litter scoop/clean
-15 minute visit
standard service

For Emotional Suport

Basic Service, PLUS:
-extra attention, pets, brushing
-Playtime including predator/prey simulation
-30 minute visit
Premium Service

The Ultimate in Well Being

standard service, plus
-Even more attention!
-Even More Playtime!
-Even more love!
-1 hour visit
call me any time 206.245.4272
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